Pandit Sri Somashekar Deekshith

Pandit Sri Somashekar Deekshith, aged about 40 years was born and brought up in a Village near Srinivasapura Taluk, Kolar Dist , Karnataka, India to a Telugu speaking family.

His father was a preist in Historical temple near Punganur Town, Chittoor Dist, Andhra Pradesh, who provided continious Services for more than 40 Years and gained the love and honours from the disciples. His mother was a housewife. After his father's retirement ,he succeeded the temple and developing the temple drastically and providing services from past 15 years.

Due to the nature of his father's job and family background, traditions and culture Pandit Sri Somashekar Deekshith is more interested into Vedas, Shastras etc., from where he got in to spiritual aspirations.

Pandit Sri Somashekar Deekshith earned a Master Degree in Economics (M A) , Bachelor of Legislative Law (LLB) and Diploma in Astrology. His List of services includes Horoscope based Astrology with ease and simple remedies supported by scientific reasons, Vedic vasthu planning (eco friendly) with an expirience of more than 10 years and other related services like matrimonial services, pooja services, Shathi Pooja services etc.,

He was trained from Vedha Brahma Sri Aravinda Battacharya Gurujee (Tirupathi) from 1999 to 2006 He provided services to a wide range of people like Politicians, Celebreties, NRI's , poor people etc.,

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